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    Introduction Of Nagpur Security

    A security agency is a governmental organization which conducts intelligence activities for the internal security of a nation. They are the domestic cousins of foreign intelligence agencies, and typically conduct counterintelligence to thwart other countries' foreign intelligence efforts. For example, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is a law enforcement and security agency, while the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a foreign intelligence agency, which deals exclusively with the country's external security and intelligence. A similar relationship exists in Britain between MI5 and MI6.

    The distinction, or overlap, between security agencies, national police, and gendarmerie organizations varies by country. For example, in the United States, one organization, the FBI, is a national police, an internal security agency, and a counterintelligence agency. In other countries, separate agencies exist, although the nature of their work causes them to interact. For example, in France, the Police nationale and the Gendarmerie nationale both handle policing duties, and the Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur handles counterintelligence.

    Likewise, the distinction, or overlap, between military and civilian security agencies varies between countries. In the United States, the FBI and CIA are civilian agencies, although they have various paramilitary traits and have professional relationships with the U.S.'s military intelligence organizations. In many countries all intelligence efforts answer to the military, whether by official design or at least on a de facto basis. Countries where various military and civilian agencies divide responsibilities tend to reorganize their efforts over the decades to force the various agencies to cooperate more effectively, integrating (or at least coordinating) their efforts with some unified directorate. For example, after many years of turf wars, the member agencies of the U.S. intelligence community are now coordinated by the Director of National Intelligence, with the hope to reduce stovepiping of information.

    Security agencies frequently have "security", "intelligence" or "service" in their names. Private organizations that provide services similar to a security.

    Securities Services comprises the processing of securities trades, the protection of financial assets and the servicing of the associated portfolios. In more detail, this entails the services of effecting settlement of securities trades (that is, completion of a transaction, wherein the seller transfers securities or financial instruments to the buyer and the buyer transfers money to the seller) and providing safekeeping of the assets on behalf of clients. Securities Services also includes: collection of income arising from the portfolios (dividends and interest payable); application of entitlements to reduced rates of withholding tax at source and reclaiming withheld taxes after-the-fact; and dealing with corporate actions (such as bonus issues, rights issues and takeovers). A wide range of additional services fall under the umbrella term of Securities Services. Follow the final link below, and click through to the Service Matrix, for comparative analysis of the offerings of leading Securities Services.

    Securities Services are provided by several banks and non-bank financial institutions. These range from major "money center" banks, through mid-tier banks and extend to a handful of specialist providers whose focus is exclusively asset servicing or asset servicing and asset management. For the names, and a profile of each provider, follow the final link below.

    About Nagpur Security is a private security solutions provider in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is based in Hyderabad, India. It was set up in 1978 by Capt. D. K. Giri. Today is one of the largest manpower security firms provider in India providing all types of security services.

    Nagpur Security offers security services to bank, hotels, institutions, IT & ITES, residential colonies, Retail and commercial establishments. It also offers electronic security systems, consulting, housekeeping and security services like Security products, Recovery Services, Security Kennels, Fire Fighting Equipments, Finger Print Analysts services, Forensic Specialists services etc…

    NagpurSecuity.Com also provides Security Guards Services, Un-Armed Security Guards Services, Armed Guards Security Services, Trained Security Guards Services, Gun Man Security Services, VIP and Executive Security services, Corporate Security Services, Industrial Security Guards Services throughout India. The Company strives to render efficient and effective security services to all its clients maintaining high standards of professional competency, commitment and selfless service to achieve total Customer Satisfaction.

    The company has over 300 corporate customers which include major industry players such as BSNL, BPCL, Indian Oil, HPCL, GAIL (I) Ltd., GSPC, ONGC, Simpson, PRAG, CIRE etc…